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Amazon FBA Account + Registered Brand (also possible incl. underlying company)


Amazon FBA Account + Registered Brand (also possible incl. underlying company)

Projekt-Type: E-Commerce
Einnahmequelle: Physische-Produkte, Affiliate-Marketing
Plattform: Amazon FBA



B&L smartphone accessories is a Germany-based e-commerce business selling smartphone accessories for premium smartphones (e.g. Apple iPhone XS & Samsung Galaxy S9). The company was registered as a GmbH (German limited liability company) in August 2016 in Munich. The company focuses on branded products that are simple in their design but offer good protection of the device without compromising its design. Over 70 SKUs can be ordered via European Amazon Marketplaces (DE, FR, UK, ESP, IT). Products are shipped worldwide via FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon).


-        Length of operations on Amazon (since May 2015)
-        Very high reputation as a seller (1,232 ratings at 4,9/5 stars), similar across all Amazon marketplaces
-        Private label products („B&L smartphone accessories“  a unique and protected brand under German law)
-        Freedom to run business from anywhere in the world
-        Multiple potential ways to grow business worldwide e.g. possible expansion through other sales channels as well as diversification of product portfolio (leveraging on existing top-seller profile and existing analyses) -        Excellent relationship to trustworthy suppliers
-        Short lead time from purchase order to products landing in Amazon warehouses 

-        Further exploitation of marketing offerings on Amazon (PPC campaigns, vouchers, headline search ads and branded webstores) as well as external traffic sources (e.g. Google AdWords)
-        Expand product offerings within and across categories (proprietary analyses on attractive product categories exist)
-        Sell products through alternative channels, e.g. Ebay, Idealo, etc.


 -        Customer support (0,5 hrs/week): About 7 inquiries per week. Most are about shipment information, questions on products or invoices. The owner takes this as a chance to make customers advocates of the brand by delivering high quality and personalized answers/solutions.
-        Tax filings and financial reporting (1 hrs/week): Maximilian can teach new owners on efficient ways to do this
-        Planning and purchasing new inventory (2 hrs/week): Inventory tracking via Seller Central ans easy-to-use inventory management tool; Communicating orders to well-informed and trained sales managers on the supplier-side
-        General Administration (0,5 hrs/week): Minor operational issues to be discussed with seller service Operations
-        Fulfilment (0 hrs/week): All orders are fulfilled by Amazon and “Thank you emails”, order confirmations, invoices and emails with tracking information are being sent to the customers automatically via Amazon through a third-party service. If products are out of stock, Amazon sends emails automatically, suited to your personal procurement cycle.
-        Production/Assembly (0 hrs/week): All processes to assemble the branded and custom packaged product are fulfilled by trusted suppliers Marketing & Business Dev.
-        Marketing (7 hrs/week): Marketing activities make up most of working hours, including the analysis and maintenance of existing marketing campaigns, creation of new product listings and optimising existing ones, content creation for branded stores on all Amazon marketplaces and analysis of affiliate web page for traffic; Workload depends on expansion efforts
-        Business Dev (0 hrs/week): Currently no time is spent on business development. There are interesting options to explore such as new products within the smartphone category or exploring new product categories, as well as exploring new marketing tools

Customers Customer Profile & Segmentation

Our target market is independent of age groups and gender and focuses on owners of premium smartphones across all major brands. The German Amazon marketplace accounts for 71% and 77% of traffic (last 6 months, last 12 months, respectively), followed by Italy (17%, 13%), UK (6%, 6%), Spain (4%, 3%) and France (2%, 2%). Note: Traffic measured in # of sessions Further customer and revenue segmentation can be provided at a later stage. Customer Acquisition Currently, no paid advertising is used to acquire traffic. Almost 100% of traffic is driven by SEO. Hence, CAC for new customers are negligible. Customer Retention Currently, no retaining campaigns are used.

List of Assets included
  1. Amazon FBA Seller account (1,232 ratings at 4,9/5 starts + Product ratings for 70 SKUs)
  2. Branded Amazon stores for 5 EU Amazon marketplaces (i.e. https://www.amazon.co.uk/stores/page/1CCA9A25-C483-45DF-923E-0C7AD652F04D)
  3. Third-party email service providing proprietary email templates
  4. Trademark
  5. All remaining stock - number may vary or decrease after the auction ends 
  6. Additional information: It is 65 SKUs on 5 European Amazon marketplaces

About the Seller 

Maximilian has completed a B.Sc. in International Business at the University of Maastricht and holds an M.Sc. in Finance & Private Equity from London School of Economics & Political Sciences. Currently, he works as an Investment Banking Analyst at J.P. Morgan. Maximilian has always had a passion for e-commerce and is responsible for Finance/Legal and procurement activities at this firm.

Lorenz has completed a B.Sc. in International Business at the University of Maastricht and holds an M.Sc. in Computer Science from University College London. He is an incoming associate consultant at Bain & Company and is responsible for customer service/platform marketing (SEA) and SEO activities at B&L smartphone accessories.

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