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Established ecommerce website in German


Executive Summary

We have owned this business for more than 4 months. Since we began, we’ve sold for over 40,000 Euros . Our business has grown rapidly over time. Our target market is Germany . Even though our business makes great profit, we decided to sell  because of a job offer i have to accept.
The monthly time requirement:
1. Research and Optimization: 1 hours per day, 1 days per week by 1 person.
2. Customer support and handling orders: 1 hours per day, 5 days per week by 1 person.

Supplier and marketing
There is no doubt that our success is due to the contracts that we have  carefully negotiated with our suppliers. All our contracts will be transfered to the new owner. When it comes to our marketing strategy , 4 hours formation are including in the price. We will make sure that the new owner will get all the teaching needed in order to run the business in the best conditions.

Sales and profit

Profit is around 3600 Euros per month.
Net profit is around 40% of the total sales.


It's important to understand that the law is quite strict when it comes to selling reproduction-fully legal as we are shipping everything from Ireland.
Our company that operates under Irish copyright law.

Under Irish copyright law, section 78B of Copyright and Related Rights Act 2000, we are able to reproduce designs and sell replica furniture 25 years after its initial creation, which is exactly what we do. As a result, we comply fully with Irish law, making it perfectly legal to buy beautiful furniture from wakiz.com

For more information, you can consult the Irish Statute Book and more specifically section 78b of the Irish Copyright and Related Rights Act 2000. Transitional provisions for the repeal of section 52 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.
Please note that we have no problem to provide the new buyer with a new or existing Irish compagny.

Good luck

Fragen an den Verkäufer

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Nachricht schreiben

Could you please send more detailled information about the online shop, suppliers, logistics and price!


As i explained in the ad , our contract with the suppliers have been extremnly well negotiated and will be transfered to the new owner - all the sales and profit are checkable and verified from the admin of the webshop and net profit is betwwen 38-42% of the sale.
Last offer i have decline was 18000 Euros as it was to low.
Feel free to contact me - email is in the site if you want to go further in the discussion

All the best


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